Summer Reading

WordPress tells me it has been 4 months since I’ve posted… I’m still here, but finding it hard to prioritize writing and posting.  I hope to get back to sharing more in the fall – I am moving schools, grades and classrooms, so I have a lot of set-up ahead of me.  I’m looking forward to the change of scenery though.

I have a slightly ambitious reading plan for the summer, and it is light on math books which is also a change for me…

Summer Reading List

Heading back to the classroom after my year as an instructional coach means I feel like I need to brush up on my ELA instruction so that will be my reading focus this summer. Along with a zillion YA novels…

I will still be working as a math coach one day a week with my district though and am excited to dive into “Becoming the Math Teacher you Wish You’d Had” – I am considering it for our intermediate teachers book club next year.  I am also enrolled in Jo Boaler’s new Mathematical Mindsets online course, which I am loving so far.

I hesitate to promise that I will be back to review anything later in the summer, but hopefully I will find the time to reflect in this space more regularly in the fall.

Happy summer!

2 thoughts on “Summer Reading

  1. Lisa Corbett July 13, 2017 / 7:38 pm

    Mathematical Mindsets is such a good book! Easy to read, and full of good information. I loved the online course too. I just got “Being the Math Teacher…” in the mail this week. In June, Summer seems like it is going to last forever. My Summer Reading Stack is always taller than it should be, but I can’t pass up on some books. 🙂


    • tamdeford September 1, 2017 / 11:47 pm

      I know! I am terrible for over-estimating how many books I will get through. I think I found a nice balance between reading and playing this summer, even if I didn’t get through the whole list!


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